Playtesting Continues

Playtesting Continues

While the mechanics of a game of The Shared Dream haven’t changed much, the past two weeks of intense playtesting has really helped us fine-tune the pacing of the game. It’s very interesting to see how slight mechanical changes (does an enemy attack as soon as they appear, or do they have to wait?) can really change the dynamics of a game. I’m glad to say that so far all of our testers have found The Shared Dream to be both playable and fun, so we’ve really been able to set a laser focus on the pacing and dynamics of an individual play session. Sessions ¬†with newbies who need to have the game explained to them are running about 2 hours, which we think means a seasoned group should¬†be able to run through a scenario in 90-100 minutes, which was our ultimate goal.

We are currently in the process of applying number changes and making some final cosmetic adjustments to the game elements, after which we will put up the Print and Play Edition. We’d love to get your feedback on what you see, and hope you choose to go forward with a printable play test. Either way, your feedback is a big part of this blog and the development process, so I’d love to hear what you think at

Also, if you’re in the Metro New York area and would like to playtest The Shared Dream with the developers, drop me a line and hopefully we’ll be able to arrange a session!

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