The Shared Dream Playtesting

The Shared Dream Playtesting

After coming at The Shared Dream from multiple angles through multiple playtests, we’re happy to announce that a modified Print and Play version of The Shared Dream is coming soon! There are a couple of small number tweaks we’re still working on in our local play tests, but once those are ironed out, you’ll be able to take your first look at The Shared Dream!

I say modified because by its very nature, The Shared Dream is an art and content heavy game. All 5 Shared Dreams have a multitude of scenario specific cards which we think would make printing the entire project a daunting task. So, the Print and Play version of The Shared Dream will include only one of the Shared Dream scenarios, Beast at the Door. The print and play version will also include tokens in lieu of certain miniatures to further help condense the time and effort setting up a Print and Play game of The Shared Dream will require. We will also be including two sets of files for this Print and Play edition – one with full artwork and one where the artwork is stripped down to alleviate printing costs. The theme, mood, and artwork is a huge part  of The Shared Dream experience, but for those of you who are more interesting in mechanics, intend on re-printing any updates we may release, or just don’t want/have access to a large amount of color printing, the stripped down version will still be entirely playable.

While these numbers may change between now and the actual Print and Play release, here’s a list of the components we intend to include:

  1. 8 Player Character Cards (1 Anima and 1 Animus card for 4 different characters) [approx. 6″ by 4.5″]
  2. 8 Player Tokens
  3. 25 Location Cards [approx. 4″ x 4″]
  4. Beast at the Door Shared Dream Card [8″x4″]
  5. The Beast Combat Card [approx 6″ x 4.5″]
  6. 38 Personal Reflection Cards [tarot sized]
  7. 10 “The Beast Strikes” Cards [mini sized]
  8. 7 “Clues & Artifacts” Cards [mini sized]
  9. 9 Reaver Cards [tarot sized]
  10. 9 Reaver Tokens
  11. 10 Shadow Tokens
  12. 24 Technique Cards [mini sized]
  13. 14 Echo Cards [mini sized]
  14. 10 Artifact Cards [mini sized]
  15.  Multiple Conviction, Nightmare, Doubt, Health, and Corruption Tokens [.75″]

While some of the art is subject to change, this collection will be a great representation of the final edition of The Shared Dream. The rules will also be included in a simple text document that will not contain much of the flair, design, and backstory of the final product.

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