Origins Game Fair 2016

Origins Game Fair 2016

We’ve been a little quiet at The Shared Dream, but for good reason. Our second RPG, Dreamscape: Laruna, has officially been released in digital format (and can be found at, and we’ve been preparing for our trip to Origins Game Fair.

I will always remember checking into my hotel room last year (when I was Origins as a guest,) and hearing a strange buzzing in the hotel lobby. I looked around and realized that buzzing was all of the people playing games on the second floor of the hotel lobby – and this was at 2am! It was an inspiring sight/sound, and I’m very proud that one year later, I’m an exhibitor rather than a guest, offering up two RPGs and a preview of our first board game.

If you’ll be at Origins this week, I hope you’ll stop by ODAM Publishing at Booth # 946. If you do you’ll be among the first to see a lot of the components of The Shared Dream. And of course, if you weren’t able to make it to Origins, I’ll be documenting what we brought and our experiences right here at The Shared Dream Blog.

And with that, I’m off to join the strange buzzing!

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